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Hi red nose, My baby is 3 months old and sleeps in her cot in our room. All the articles I’ve read says that baby cot should be next to the bed, however we only have enough space to have the cot at the end of our bed (which we keep a couple of feet away to ensure no blankets get caught between the bed and our cot). Would you still consider this in line with the recommendations? I’ve read something somewhere about parents breathing helps babies breathe, but wasn’t sure if babies need to be right beside the bed to reduce any risk.

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Posted a response on 29/6/20

Red Nose Education

Room sharing is recommended for the first 6-12 months. As long as the baby is in the same room as parents/caregiver then this meets the guidelines for Room Sharing.

Red Nose also has this information.
Room-sharing facilitates a rapid response to a baby’s needs, and supports breastfeeding, and is more convenient settling and comforting of babies. It also provides closer mother-baby contact and communication

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