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Hi there Are heaters safe to be placed in a baby’s room? I was thinking of getting an oil heater. My 3 month old boy sleeps in his own bassinet in our room but I place him in his cot for his day naps. I find he wakes up when it’s extra cold. Thanks!

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Posted a response on 24/5/21

Red Nose Education

It is not necessary to use a heater, or to leave it on overnight, when baby is sleeping.
Dress baby according to room temperature - maybe add an extra layer of clothing to him during day time sleeps.

Red Nose has the following information about room temperature & heating.
It is not necessary to monitor the room temperature or to leave the heating or cooling on all night, as long as the baby is dressed appropriately for the room temperature.
Dress baby as you would dress yourself – comfortably warm, not hot or cold.
Red Nose does not recommend a specific room temperature for baby’s sleep.
This is because there is no evidence to show that maintaining a specific room temperature prevents sudden infant death.

Are you still wrapping him or is he rolling yet?
Many babies are more comfortable when they are rolling (or near to it) using a sleeping bag (with arms out) & you can add extra layer of clothing as required.

It is important to take in to account the use of a heater when deciding how much bedding to use for the baby whether using a heater or not.
A heater with some control (like a thermostat) over the room temperature would be preferable.
Ensure it is not positioned where baby may have access to it.
The important thing is to dress baby according to room temperature.

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