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Hi there, I am 31 weeks pregnant with my first child. I have two indoor cats and I am really worried about the cats waking up the baby by jumping in the cot/pram etc. what would you recommend to help keep the cats out/baby safe?

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Posted a response on 25/11/19

Red Nose Education

While we do not have any specific information about babies sleeping with cats or dogs, Red Nose does have information about the importance of babies head & face remaining uncovered during sleep.

As soft toys/ comforters & loose or soft bedding can create a risk of suffocation by covering head & face of baby, there is a potential for this risk to occur with dogs or cats.
I am aware of a couple of reports from NZ where a cat had laid across the face of a baby.

While this information is not directly related to cats, Red Nose has the following information about keeping babies head & face uncovered:



It may also be worth talking to your Vet about ways to make your house safe to prevent any potential risks to baby from your cats.

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