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Hi there, I'm about to transition my son from his cot to a toddler bed/single mattress on the floor and I was wondering what type of bedding I should be using? Do I use sheets and a doona now? He has only ever been in a sleeping bag in his cot with nothing else in the cot. He is only 18 months yet starting to climb so I need to transition him out of the cot. Thank you in advance, Tegan

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Posted a response on 9/10/19

Red Nose Education

Red Nose has the following information about cot to bed to bed safety.
I have attached copies of Cot to Bed brochure & poster for full information
The resources are also available here for download - https://rednose.org.au/section/one-to-five-year-old

Check your home for hazards before your child graduates from a cot

If a child is wearing a baby sleeping bag whilst sleeping outside of a cot be careful!
A child wearing a baby sleeping bag and not confined to a cot is at a higher risk of falling and being injured.
The child must be actively supervised and the sleeping bag removed as soon as the child wakes.

Red Nose recommends not the using soft bedding like pillows or doonas while the child is in a cot.
Many parents do decide to use these once child is out of the cot.

You may also find the information in this link helpful

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