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Hi there, my first baby is due in July and I'm so confused about about how to dress/wrap the baby when sleeping. A member of my family has personally been affected by SIDS so it's something that is very important to me. What clothes do you recommend dressing the baby in to sleep? (like a Bonds Wondersuit or something similar?) Do I wrap the baby in a muslin wrap then have blankets as well? Or would a sleep bag be better? Do you use blankets with sleep bags? What sleep bags do you recommend for winter?

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Posted a response on 1/6/17

Red Nose

Red Nose recommends that babies are dressed according to the environment in which they are sleeping.

When deciding on whether to use blankets or not, it is important to remember to keep baby’s head and face uncovered.

If you are using blankets (with or without using a wrap or sleeping bag) it is important that baby’s feet are placed at the foot of the cot, so they do not wriggle down under blankets.

Safe Sleeping Guidelines:


Wrapping baby – Red Nose recommends a muslin or light cotton wrap, and to place baby on their back to sleep.

Many parents will use a wrap for the first few months, and then transfer to a sleeping bag once baby is moving around in the cot.

Important to note (see full Information Statement linked below) that babies should start to have their arms out of the wrap from three months of age.

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