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Hi, when I read online the information about safety of waterproof mattress protectors seems to be mixed. We have purchased a mattress which meets all the requirements (firm, allows air to circulate etc) and I was planning to put a firm waterproof mattress protector over it or use waterproof sheets. Just to protect against soiling. However, I am wondering if this could lead to baby overheating and/or result in issues breathing should he end up face down at some point? How would you suggest ensuring a clean dry mattress, while also ensuring safety for baby? Thanks for the help!

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Posted a response on 10/1/22

Red Nose Education

Red Nose does recommend that a mattress protector is strong and a tight fit.
It is important that a mattress protector does not take away the firmness of the mattress.
To reduce the risk of infant death, it is important that the mattress is firm, well-fitting & flat, not elevated.

This means that any mattress protector that is loose, soft or padded should not be used, as it may take away from the firmness of the mattress, which may create a risk to baby.

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