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Hi - wondering about sheepskins & whether these should be used in the cot? This was given to me by in-laws as they used this for their kids to put in the cot under a fitted sheet but I’m worried about overheating as I plan on using sleep suits. Thanks

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Posted a response on 5/1/21

Red Nose Education

Red Nose recommends that the safest place for baby is in a cot that meets Australian Standards with a firm, clean, well-fitting mattress.
Any soft or padded product (eg sheepskins) that reduces the firmness of the mattress, is not recommended.
Some products may also increase the risk of overheating.

Ensure there is no soft bedding in baby’s sleep environment. Soft bedding (pillows, doonas, loose bedding or fabric, lambswool, bumpers or soft toys) in the cot is unnecessary and may cover baby’s face and obstruct baby’s breathing.

A soft mattress or sleeping surface can increase the risk of sudden unexpected infant death if baby rolls over onto the tummy
Never put soft bedding under the bottom sheet, such as a sheepskin, as this makes the sleeping surface too soft.



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