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Hi! Would hospital style bassinetts be suitable around the home for baby's first 3-4 months (eg downstairs, with night time cot upstairs)? Thanks!

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Posted a response on 14/12/18

Red Nose

Hi Eva,

There are no mandatory standards for bassinets in Australia, however Red Nose and Product Safety Australia have some guidelines about the type of bassinet to use.

Falls and suffocation hazards are the most common incidents with using a bassinet.



This is, in part, some of the information provided by ACCC about bassinets in relation to safety:

•  Ensure the sides of the bassinette are at least 300 mm higher than the top of the mattress base.
•  Ensure it has a wide stable base and a sturdy bottom so that it won’t tip over.
•  Ensure the mattress fits well and is firm, smooth and no more than 75 mm thick.
•  If the product has folding legs, make sure it cannot accidentally fold during use.

For full information/guidelines when buying a bassinet please see link below.


As far as using the hospital type bassinet, I doubt that you would get much use out of it, as they are relatively small for a growing baby.

It is also important to remember, that once a baby is attempting to roll, they should be moved from bassinet to cot. This can be as early as 3 months.

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