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Hi. I am just wondering what would be the safest way to heat a baby's room in winter. Thanks

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Posted a response on 7/6/17

Red Nose

Red Nose doesn’t suggest a specific room temperature needs to be maintained, but recommends dressing the baby according to the room temperature. Therefore there is no recommendation of what types of heating (or cooling) is appropriate for a baby’s room.

We are aware there has been some concern from health organisations about using heaters in a baby’s room because of the “drying” effect on airways. If using a heater then it would be suggested that the heater would have a thermostat control of the room temperature, so as to reduce the risk of overheating.

Have a look at the Information Statements linked below in relation to room temperature and bedding amount for a baby’s sleep environment.

It is not necessary to monitor the room temperature or to leave the heating or cooling on all night, as long as the baby is dressed appropriately for the room temperature.



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