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Hi. We will be driving from Canberra to Sydney ( around a 3 hour trip) with our baby when she is 9 to 10 weeks old. She uses a rear facing baby capsule and we are planning to break up the trip but my questions are - How long would be the maximum amount of time should she be in the capsule for? ( I had read that 1 hour was the longest recommended - but other sources suggest a two hour maximum?) How long should breaks out of the seat during the trip be? and Is there a maximum amount of time she should be spending in the carseat in one day? We want to modify the trip to make it as safe as possible for her. Thank you

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Posted a response on 6/6/19

Red Nose Australia

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for contacting Red Nose with your question.

Red Nose recommends that you place baby in a correctly fitted infant restraint that meets the Australian standard AS/NZS 1754 for every trip in the car.

Red Nose recommends following the information provided by KidSafe and the Road Transport Authority of NSW which state that each child and adult traveling in a car should stop every two hours, get out of the car, walk around and get some fresh air for approximately 15 minutes.

The concern with baby being in a car seat especially for a long period of time is that they may cause baby’s neck to flex forward which may block baby’s airway not allowing airflow. Therefore it is important to get baby up and out of their car seat and also to check on baby whilst they are travelling in their car seat. Some families may find having a mirror in the back of the car to see baby can be helpful or even travelling with an adult in the backseat. Once the car journey is over it is very important that you remove baby from the car seat or capsule, even if this means waking baby, because it is not safe for baby to spend long periods in car seats, capsules or infant seats.

Kind regards, Red Nose education

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