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Emily Jillings

I am just wondering if there is an article if someone could link me in regards to children sleeping in hoodies.. I’m incredibly against it however I’ve seen some people not have an issue. I find them as a chocking hazard for all children regardless of age. Just looking for more information.

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Posted a response on 17/6/20

Red Nose Education

Advising against wearing hoods for sleep is related to keeping baby’s head & face uncovered & reducing the risk of choking if hoodie has strings to pull hood tight.
Red Nose has the following information:
Your baby’s face and head needs to stay uncovered during sleep as this reduces the risk of SUDI
Keep the head uncovered indoors; no head coverings including bonnets, beanies, hats, hoodie or hooded clothing.
Head coverings are removed before baby is placed for sleep

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