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I am pregnant and having my first baby in September, I have been reading through your website to build my knowledge on how to best create a safe environment for my baby. One thing i am not clear on is waterproof mattress protectors. Are these safe to use from birth? or is there a certain age they should be prior to using. Also what are the best tips to look for in a mattress protector. Thank you so much, your site and advice is a wonderful resource.

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Posted a response on 22/6/20

Red Nose Education

Red Nose doesn’t recommend any particular type of mattress protector, but has the following information about them.
........always make sure that the waterproof mattress protector is strong and a tight fit.
Never put soft bedding under the bottom sheet, such as a sheepskin, as this makes the sleeping surface too soft.
As long as they fit the guidelines above, a mattress protector can be used from birth.

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