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I have a 11 week old baby who uses a love to dream swaddle. He has started to roll from back to side then side to back but still has the moro reflex. Is it still safe?

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Posted a response on 28/6/18

Red Nose

Swaddling/wrapping can be a great way to help settle young infants and to keep them positioned on their back.  However, Red Nose recommends that once a baby is showing signs that they might begin to roll that they need to have their arms free. This is usually around 4 months but it can be earlier or later in some babies.

Babies who roll onto their tummy’s whilst swaddled/wrapped are at an significantly increased risk of SUDI.

You might want to consider placing baby in a safe baby sleeping bag with fitted arm and neck holes. Some families find this helps to delay babies from rolling onto their tummy. It is important that baby is not wrapped while sleeping in a baby sleeping bag.

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