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I have a 6.5 month old who has just started to roll back to front when in the cot. He then falls asleep with his face straight down into the mattress. He hasn’t yet learnt to roll front to back. Should I leave him to sleep like this? We have a very firm foam mattress, use cotton fitted sheet and he is in a sleeping bag arms out.

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Posted a response on 10/7/18

Red Nose

Most babies will be rolling over by about 6 months of age…… some earlier, some later.

As you have already identified, it is important to ensure:

• Mattress is firm and fits well.
• Baby is no longer swaddled/wrapped.
• Nothing loose, soft or padded in the cot.

When he is awake and playing on his tummy does he change his position?

This is the information Red Nose provides:

Give baby extra tummy time to play when awake and supervised as this helps baby to develop stronger neck and upper body muscles which in turn enables them to roll back over.

As babies grow and develop they become very active and learn to roll around the cot. At this time, continue to put them on the back at the start of sleep time, but let them find their own position of comfort. By this stage it is not necessary to wake during the night to turn baby over to the back position. The risk of sudden infant death in babies over six months is extremely low.

Do not use any devices designed to keep baby in a particular sleep position.

See https://rednose.org.au/article/what-do-we-do-now-that-a-baby-has-started-to-roll-over

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