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I have a one week old baby and have been swaddling her in a Love to Dream Swaddle Up. Today when we put the suit on her during the day, it seemed that she rolled herself into her side. The Red Nose guidance is that infant wrapping must be stopped once a baby starts to roll, but I had always thought that babies only rolled from 2-3 months. Is it safe to continue wrapping the baby? Thanks

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Posted a response on 12/11/19

Red Nose Education

Red Nose recommends always place baby on back to sleep.
Most babies do not roll intentionally till after 3 months.
Have a look at our wrapping information for future reference.

However, there seems to be a number of babies who roll to their side at a very early age, as you are describing.
Sometimes it is because these babies do not respond well to wrapping, & are less likely to roll when unwrapped, (ie both arms out)
It may also be helpful to wrap under arms only, using a muslin wrap, or the swaddle suit with both arms out
(if it is possible with this product)

Red Nose does not recommend the use of sleep positioners of any type to stop baby from rolling & has the following information.

Red Nose does not recommend positional products such as anti-roll devices and items that fasten a baby into a sleeping position.
Products that restrict the movement of a baby or a baby’s head should not be used.
This is because there are no Australian Standards for these products and case studies have shown that these products can be unsafe.

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