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I work in a childcare setting and was wondering what distance should be between the toddler beds?

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Posted a response on 18/9/19

Red Nose Australia

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for contacting Red Nose with your question about the spacing between toddler beds in your childcare service.

Red Nose has no minimum measurement of spacing required between toddler beds however, we would encourage you to consider the following:
1) Does the spacing allow for an educator to actively supervise and check on each individual child? Keeping in mind the educator is required to check breathing and requires direct access to a child’s face.
2) Does the spacing of the beds allow for another child to have an opportunity to place their arm through the bars or their toys and potentially create a risk of suffocation or injury to another child?
3) Does the spacing between the beds allow for adequate cleaning to ensure that each cot is well maintained, clean and with a firm, flat mattress?
4) Does the spacing between cots allow for adequate ventilation? For further information please feel free to contact your local regulatory authority and review the fact sheet for safe sleeping on ACECQA’S website: https://www.acecqa.gov.au/resources/supporting-materials/infosheet/safe-sleep-and-rest-practices

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