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I’ve got a second hand bassinet but it’s discontinued. I’ve been told to go to Clark’s Rubber as it needs to be custom made due to the size needed, are the custom made ones approved like the pre-cut ones are?

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Posted a response on 11/6/19

Red Nose Australia

Hi Emily,

Thank you for contacting Red Nose with your question.

Red Nose recommends that all babies sleep in a safe cot that meets Australian safety standards from birth. In Australia all cots are required to meet Australian safety standards to be able to be sold in Australia. However mattresses and bassinets do not have to meet the same safety requirements. Some mattresses will meet the new voluntary safety requirement (new AS/NZS Voluntary Standard (AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 Methods of testing infant products – Sleep Surfaces - Test for firmness) but not all mattresses sold will do so.

Red Nose recommends that a safe mattress is one that is:
- The right size for the cot, is firm, clean and in good condition and is placed flat (not tilted or elevated).
- Right size: Ensure the mattress complies with the size and depth recommended by the manufacturer of the cot. A baby or toddler can get stuck in gaps between a poor fitting mattress and the cot sides. This is especially dangerous if their face is trapped and covered, or their neck is restricted in any way. Make sure there is no more than a 20mm gap between the mattress and the cot sides and ends
- Firm: Use a firm sleep surface that is compliant with the new AS/NZS Voluntary Standard (AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 Methods of testing infant products – Sleep Surfaces - Test for firmness). For further information about ensuring adequate mattress firmness see here or watch the video.
- A soft mattress or sleeping surface can increase the risk of sudden unexpected infant death if baby rolls over onto the tummy. Remove plastic packaging from the mattress and always make sure that the waterproof mattress protector is strong and a tight fit. Never put soft bedding under the bottom sheet, such as a sheepskin, as this makes the sleeping surface too soft. A pillow, cushion or sofa is not a safe mattress as they are too soft and increase the risk of sudden unexpected infant death.
- As bassinettes do not have to meet Australian Safety standards we would recommend you view the Australian government’s product safety website here. Further information from the ACCC is also available in their publication ‘Keeping baby safe - a guide to infant and nursery products’ available here. To help provide you with further information about the use of bassinettes.

Kind regards
Red Nose

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