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My 2w-3d old baby wriggles to the edge of her bassinet every night. We've tried her in the arms up love to dream and arms down ergo pouches, as well as a light blanket tucked over her lower body. I have to move her back to the centre at every feed (4hourly). Is there a reason for this? She isn't rolling. Just wriggling her whole body diagonally so her face is almost smushed up against the wall.

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Posted a response on 9/10/23

Red Nose Education

Many babies will wriggle & change position (like you describe) at a young age.
While most babies do not roll intentionally till about 3 months, some do roll early.
If she appears to be intentionally rolling, please see the following info:

Also, some babies just do not respond well to wrapping & like their arms free.
Often these babies like their arms free or like to touch their face or suck fingers & will wriggle to get free.

You could consider moving her to her cot &/or cease wrapping or wrap only under her arms (ie with arms free as for 3mth old)).
Baby needs arms free & the space of the cot to roll safely.
Red Nose recommends to “modify a wrap” once baby is around 3 mths of age in preparation for rolling (if they are not already rolling)
If baby is rolling (or making an attempt to roll, then wrapping needs to be ceased.

Once baby is showing signs of being able to roll, it’s time to move baby to a safe cot – this is usually around four months, but it will depend on your baby.

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