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My 3.5 month old has began to roll from back to belly.. mainly in her sleep at night, rarely during the day. Firstly... At such a young age should I be rolling her back onto her back (when I do this she usually is back on her belly or side working 10 min) secondly…Our issue is that her cot doesn’t fit in in our room which means she would have to sleep in her own room but she hasn’t reached the recommended 6 month room sharing milestone yet. Do we move her to her room in the cot with the baby monitor on high alert or keep her in the co sleeper / bassinet with us until 6 months. She is in a large bassinet that has a firm mattress, it’s large enough that when she rolls over she has lots of room around her. We do lots of tummy time during the day which she loves and has developed a very strong neck.

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Posted a response on 13/11/23

Red Nose Education

Most babies are rolling by 4-5 mths - some earlier.
The recommendations remain the same regardless of age.
Still always place baby on back for sleep.
Cease swaddling/wrapping
Move to cot from bassinet.
Baby needs arms free & space of a cot to roll safely.

Room sharing is recommended for the first 6 mths, but a safe environment takes priority over room sharing if there is not the space for a cot.
Check baby during the night - eg when you wake up/get up during the night.
“Parents are not expected to observe their baby constantly. If your baby is sleeping in a separate room check baby regularly to ensure that the baby remains on the back and the head and face remain uncovered”


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