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Hannah Thornton

My baby doesn’t sleep for long unless she’s rocked. Hardly getting any sleep myself. Seen there is a product called Lullabub cot rocker that you put on the feet of the cot. Just wondering if this is safe to use?

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Posted a response on 10/7/18

Red Nose

It is important for parents when they are thinking of buying a product for their baby to be able to make the best informed decision based on evidence of product safety.

This is crucial for preventing SUDI or other fatal sleeping accidents.

It is often assumed that all nursery products sold in retail stores must be safe, however many products have never been formally tested so it can be difficult to tell what is safe for your child.

Most products sold in Australia do not carry standards for safety in sleep. The only products that do have mandatory standards from Product Safety are cots and portacots. See:


When we look at products to buy for a new baby, we need to ascertain not only whether it is effective for the required purpose but also is it safe to use under all circumstances of use especially where the baby may be unsupervised. This is particularly important when selecting products which babies will use when asleep.

See https://rednose.org.au/article/baby-safe-sleeping-products

How old is your baby?

Is your baby in a bassinet or cot?

Is your baby wrapped?

Do you think it might be helpful to chat with your Child & Family Health Nurse about some settling tips?

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