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Sarah Dowler

My baby is 5 months old and sleeps in a sleeping bag. The temperature drops overnight and I was wondering if I can add a blanket? She moves around a bit so I’m scared to but she wakes if she gets cold. Any advice? Thanks

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Posted a response on 16/3/20

Red Nose Education

Red Nose recommends using a sleeping bag for babies, particularly when they start rolling & moving around the cot.
Sleeping baby in a safe baby sleeping bag: one designed especially for baby with fitted neck and armholes and no hood, has a number of features that help baby sleep safely.
Research has shown that sleeping bag use will reduce the risk of bedclothes covering the baby’s face, will delay baby rolling onto the tummy during sleep, promotes supine sleep as the zipper opens to the front and will keep baby’s temperature at a more constant level while sleeping at home.

As your baby is moving around the cot, it may be best to avoid the use of a blanket as it may cover her head & face. if you are concerned she is cold, add an extra layer of clothing under the sleeping bag.

Has your baby started to roll to her tummy yet?

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