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My baby won’t sleep more than one or two sleep cycles on her back but sleeps really well on her side. She is 2 months old. Is there a way to make it safe for her to sleep on her side?

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Posted a response on 26/2/20

Red Nose Education

Is she getting herself to that position or are you placing her for sleep on her side?
Is she wrapped/swaddled?
Red Nose recommends that the safest position for baby to be placed for sleep is on the back & flat (not elevated)

Red Nose has the following information about side sleeping

Placing babies to sleep on the side doubles the risk of SUDI (SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents) and is not recommended as a safe alternative to sleeping a baby on the back.
The side position is unstable: a baby is likely to roll into the high risk tummy position, placing the baby at nine times the risk of SUDI.

If baby is wrapped & being placed on the side for sleep, this may add to the risk of instability.
Have you chatted with your Maternal/Child Health Nurse about settling issues?

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