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My daughter is 9 months old and wakes frequently through the night (8-12+ times). Her GP linked us in with a Mothercraft nurse, who made the following recommendations, however I am not certain it is safe to follow them: - help baby feel secure by swaddling, using an arms in sleeping bag, or tuck arms inside her current armless sleeping bags. I told her I thought swaddling was not safe when baby can roll, but she said my daughter is old enough to reposition herself to keep her face clear of the mattress even when swaddled with arms in - alternatively, use a flanalette sheet (as it “sticks better” UNDER the mattress, use one side to cross over baby and tuck underneath her (arms in), and the other side to wrap over baby and tuck under the mattress on the opposite side. Is this safe if she is at the bottom of the cot and it only comes to her chest? Is a flanelette sheet safe or should only cotton be used? Thank you!

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Posted a response on 25/6/18

Red Nose

As you have seen on web site, Red Nose has the following recommendations about wrapping/swaddling:

Use only lightweight wraps such as cotton or muslin (bunny rugs and blankets are not safe alternatives as they may cause overheating).

The wrap should be firm, to prevent loose wrapping becoming loose bedding. However the wrap should not be too tight and must allow for hip and chest wall movement.

As soon as a baby shows signs of beginning to roll, wrapping should be discontinued for sleep periods.

It is not generally recommended by the manufacturers to place baby’s arms inside a regulation sleeping bag.

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