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My question is - is the Love to Dream Swaddle/sleeping bag with the arms on actually SIDS safe? Many people are using this thinking that it is but I can’t really find anything on your Rednose site that would say either way. I work in childcare and there is no real policy about this as long as it’s approved by Rednose. I do not feel comfortable using this if it does not comply although it has been left up to my own discretion.

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Posted a response on 13/11/19

Red Nose Education

Items such as these seem to be becoming more popular as they are designed for parents as a simple staple garment for newborns and younger babies,  who are developmentally young enough to still be swaddled or wrapped.
It is important to understand that items such as these and similar that secure an infants arms inside by means of a zip, Velcro or ties are not recommended by Red Nose.

Some of risks associated with sleeping sacks such as these include:
- fatal sleeping accidents
  - overheating,
-  restriction of movement which could impede gross motor development and affect midline orientation
- often inaccurate messaging on the packaging regarding use and safety including age range and use when co-sleeping.

We advice NOT to use items such as these. If you would like to use a sleeping bag, choose one that is well fitted across the chest, has well fitted arms holes and no hood.
Thank you for reaching out to Red Nose!
If you choose to wrap your baby, select a simple wrap that is made of a breathable fabic such as cotton or muslin and follow the Red Nose tips on how to wrap your baby safely. You can find these tips here: https://rednose.org.au/section/safe-wrapping

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