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Desiree von Bergheim

We are currently updating our Sleep Policy in our Long Day Care setting. We currently do 10 minute room checks in our babies room with each room having a monitor also available at all times. I was just wondering if this is what is recommended or if it is a different time frame for regular checks? Thank you in advance.

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Posted a response on 6/9/18

Red Nose

Red Nose does not recommend any one size fits all time frame for checking on babies in Long Day Care settings. It is important that educators create a safe sleeping environment where baby sleeps in a safe cot, on a safe mattress, with safe bedding in a safe sleeping place and actively check on sleeping children by physically going into sleeping spaces and checking on babies and children, not just relying on monitors. Our research tells us that children under 6 months of age are in the highest risk category for SIDS/SUDI and therefore the service may wish to reflect this in their sleep policy by having more frequent active checking times for this age group. For more information about monitors please see: https://rednose.com.au/article/do-baby-monitors-reduce-the-risk-of-sudden-unexpected-death-in-infancy

Australian and Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) states that “educators should closely monitor sleeping and resting children and the sleep and rest environments. This involves checking/inspecting sleeping children at regular intervals, and ensuring they are always within sight and hearing distance of sleeping and resting children so that they can assess a child’s breathing and the colour of their skin. Service providers should consider the risk for each individual child, and tailor Sleep and Rest Policies and Procedures (including the frequency of checks/inspections of children) to reflect the levels of risk identified for children at the service. Factors to be considered include the age of the child, medical conditions, individual needs and history of health and/or sleep issues”. For more information please see: https://www.acecqa.gov.au/resources/information-sheets/safe-sleep-and-rest-practices

For more information please see:

For more information relating to your early learning service’s sleep policy being compliant with Education and Care National Services Laws and the National Regulations you will need to contact the Education and Care Regulatory Authority in your state or territory https://www.acecqa.gov.au/help/contact-your-regulatory-authority
or alternatively contact Australian and Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority https://www.acecqa.gov.au/

You might also wish to contact Early Childhood Australia http://www.earlychildhoodaustralia.org.au/

Red Nose Safe Sleep eLearning Course for Early Childhood Educators - https://rednose.com.au/page/early-childhood-educators-elearning

Red Nose face-to-face training - https://rednose.com.au/forms/education-booking-request

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