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We are struggling with how to manage the temperature in our toddles room. There is no central heating and the temperature gets down to 17 degrees, maybe lower. I feel unsafe using any other type of heater. As suits only go to a 3.5 tog I have just been adding layers, but far more are needed than the manufacturer says as bub wakes cold otherwise. I’m not sure what the recommended thing to do is.

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Posted a response on 14/6/22

Red Nose Education

It can be difficult to work out what may be the most appropriate clothing/bedding for baby/toddler when sleeping.
Red Nose recommends dressing baby according to the room temperature, rather than trying to modify the room temperature with heating or cooling.
Use light weight bedding & clothing, so that you can add or remove if baby wakes & feels too hot or cold.
You are not expected to get up & change baby through the night, or keep heating on overnight.
I wish I could give you some specific guidance for dressing your baby at night, but every baby is different.

Is your toddler in a cot or a bed?

Red Nose has the following general information about bedding/clothing amount.
Babies control their temperature predominantly through their head and face. This is why we recommend that you put baby to sleep on their back with head and face uncovered.
Red Nose does not recommend a specific room temperature for baby’s sleep. This is because there is no evidence to show that maintaining a specific room temperature prevents sudden infant death.

As long as baby is put down to sleep on their back, and that baby is dressed appropriately for the room temperature – not overdressed or under dressed – with their head and face uncovered, you can feel reassured that you are protecting baby from overheating.

Remove hats, bonnets, beanies and hooded clothing from baby’s head as soon as baby is indoors.

A good way to check baby’s temperature is to feel baby’s back or tummy (don’t worry if baby’s hands and feet feel cool - this is normal).
Whether the baby has a cold or infection or another special need.
Consider how many layers that you as the baby’s carer are wearing comfortably.

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