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We have a 5 day old new born son. My question is can we use a vibrating bassinet for him to sleep in over night, he seems to love the vibration and it soothes him. Imjus not sure if its okay to use all night long, i have tested the clip on vibration component over a period of about 6-8 hours and it doesnt heat up.

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Posted a response on 7/5/19


Hi Trent

Thank you for contacting Red Nose with your question.

There are no mandatory standards for bassinets in Australia, however product Safety Australia do have some guidelines, which can be viewed here:

Red Nose also has the following information about bassinets: https://rednose.org.au/article/bassinettes

Apart from the risk of falls as referred to in the above article, I am not aware of any reported incidents when using a vibrating mattress for a baby.

There appears to be a variety of vibrating bassinets on the market, however, there has been some concern expressed about the risk of baby tipping accidentally over onto their side and/or tummy from vibration & rocking movements.

Remember that Red Nose recommends that baby should be placed to sleep:
-  on their back
-  on a firm, clean, well-fitting & flat mattress
-  in a safe cot that meets the mandatory standards (preferable)
-  remove all soft & loose bedding.

Always read & follow manufactures safety guidelines when using any product as recommendations may vary.

Some brands of vibrating mattress states to avoid using for long periods, and some vibrating bassinets do not allow baby to lie flat - we recommend always placing baby in a flat position for sleep.

Red Nose

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