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We have just been given a second hand cot and mattress. Can we use the mattress for a new born child if we unzip the covers and wash them thoroughly? are there also ways to disinfect the mattress itself? any help would be fantastic. We understand that the baby's safety come first. I just want to know if there is anything I can do before creating more waste for the planet. Regards Ben

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Posted a response on 25/6/18

Red Nose

Red Nose has the following information about using second hand mattresses for a cot.

….there is no evidence to show an increased risk of SUDI for babies who sleep on their back on a firm, clean, well-fitting mattress that is in good condition.

Any previously used mattress should have been well stored, firm and clean. If the mattress is damp, torn or mouldy or there is any doubt about its safety, including fit, it should not be used.


As long as the mattress has been stored appropriately, remains firm and fits properly, intact and is clean without any signs of dampness and/or mould it should be okay to use.

A good “dose of sunlight” can be helpful as well.

I are unaware of any chemicals that may be appropriate. Maybe check with the manufacturer.

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