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Wendy Maran

What is recommended for twins co sharing a cot

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Posted a response on 8/7/19

Red Nose Australia

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for contacting Red Nose with your question

What is recommended for twins co sharing a cot

Red Nose has the following information about twins cot sharing.
Research has shown that the safest way to sleep twins in the home is in their own safe sleeping place (cot, portable cot) in the parents’ room for the first 6-12 months
However, some parents prefer to have twins share a cot for the first few months.
Red Nose provides this information

Sometimes twin babies are in temporary situations, such as while visiting or travelling, when separate cots are not possible.
If twins must share the same sleep space, a cot is the most suitable, do not use bedding (such as sheets and blankets) and place them at opposite ends of the cot.
An infant sleeping bag used for each baby may be useful in this situation.
When the babies have reached the age where they can move freely around the cot, they must be placed in separate cots.
Babies should not co-bed with any other children.

Sometimes parents and carers of twins may need to sleep twins in the same cot temporarily, if there is insufficient space for two cots in the room.
In these circumstances, ways to minimise the risks for twin babies sharing the same cot include:
Place the babies head to head, at opposite ends of the cot ........... (see diagrams in article linked)
Never place the baby in the cot with any other children
Do not use bedding.

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