2006-2008 Transplacental Transmission of Viruses and Pathogenesis of Stillbirth, Preterm Births and Congenital Abnormalities

A collaborative project between Virology Division SEALS POW Hospital, NSW (Prof Bill Rawlinson, Dr Lyndall Brennan), RPA Women’s and Babies (A/Prof Heather Jeffery), RNS Hospital (Prof Jonathan Morris), CH Westmead (A/Prof Cheryl Jones) & RHW (Dr Kei Lui).

The project aimed to find new techniques for testingi for nfection among pregnant women and to determine what types of viruses cause stillbirth, preterm problems and abnormalities. A third of stillbirths are still unexplained after post-mortem examination. Viruses are the most likely candidate. CMV is the most common virus found in stillbirths to date, according to our research which was funded by SIDS and Kids”. Professor Rawlinson, 2006.