Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

For every little life, we remember.

October is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month – a special time for families to share the memories of their precious child, and to remember all of the little lives lost during pregnancy, infancy and childhood.

Here we share the stories of some of our families as they honour their baby’s life, and celebrate the memories of all the babies who are no longer with us but forever light up our hearts.

After a textbook pregnancy, Victoria and Danny welcomed Kiera Brady Liston into the world on 4 May 2020 at 4.37pm. But just a few hours later, Kiera was gone. This is their story.

During what was meant to be a quick check up on the way to lunch, mother-to-be Nikki was instead rushed directly to the emergency room. This is Nikki’s Story.

Melissa is a proud mother of five children, only two of which are here with her today. She shares the story of her losses and the love that she will forever carry in her heart.

Melissa and Simon said goodbye to their daughter Alexis at only 8 months and 26 days old after she was born with severe complications. This is their story.

Matthew Frank Stefanish-Smith was born on 25th September 2019. Then at only two months old, we lost our little sunshine to SIDS. My name is Jess and this is my story.

Guiding Light

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