Stillbirth Parent Resources

‚ÄčA range of resources to help you make an informed decision on your next steps.

These resources should not replace talking with your healthcare team. Ask them about any questions or concerns you have after reading the booklet and watching these videos. Take your time to watch these. You can pause or replay as many times as you need. There is also no rush to make your decision. Your support team will be able to tell you how much time you have. You can still spend time with your baby.

This clip has been created by bereaved parents for bereaved parents to help share common thoughts and feelings around stillbirth investigation and autopsy. Our hope is this clip will help you know you're not alone. **In this video, you may hear the term bub. Bub is a common way to say Baby in many Aboriginal communities.

Please be aware that this video may be distressing for some. This clip has been created to help families who have experienced a stillbirth to better understand the different types of autopsy and investigation options open to them. Alison Clarke, Perinatal Loss Midwife and Jane Dahlstrom, Perinatal Pathologist will talk to you, in language you understand, about the different types of autopsy and investigation options.

This guide comes with our heartfelt thoughts, as a message of support to you at this difficult time. We know the intense grief that parents experience when their baby dies and hope this guide can provide gentle information to support you both in hospital and at home.

The Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth is looking for parents, family members and other supporters who were provided with the Red Nose brochure in hospital when their baby was stillborn.