Safe Environment for Bunk Beds

Keep the bunk bed clear of blind and curtain cords, heaters, lights and ceiling fans.

Remove ladders when the upper bunk bed is not in use so that small children won’t try to climb onto the top bunk.

Many bunk bed-related injuries to children occur through play. Children should never jump or play on a bunk bed, especially the top bunk.

Check your child’s room and throughout the house for possible hazards. Ensure the environment is safe:

  • Pay special attention to potential hazards that may result in falls, drowning, strangulation, entrapment or poisoning
  • Keep dangling cords, strings and mobiles out of reach as they could get caught around a child’s neck.
  • Keep heaters, electrical appliances and access to power points well away to avoid the risk of overheating, burns and electrocution
  • Ensure all furniture and TVs are attached with wall brackets, so they cannot be readily tipped over. (Most furniture is now supplied with wall brackets)

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Last modified: 9/10/16