Do you need to use blankets in summer?

Hot tips for hot months: ​with overheating being a contributor to SIDS, it’s important to make sure your baby is not too hot while sleeping.


Red Nose’s chief midwife Jane Wiggill says that while a lot of parents don’t use blankets in warmer weather, some may choose to do so.

“Some parents may prefer to continue to use blankets in summer, for a variety of reasons such as cultural rituals or religious beliefs,” Jane says.

“If so, it’s important to choose thin, lightweight options that can be removed easily according to the room temperature.

“With overheating being a risk factor for SIDS, anything that acts as an outer layer of an infant or child’s sleeping attire can contribute to overheating, such as sheets, blankets, sleeping bags or swaddles.

“Bedding always needs to appropriate to the season or temperature of the room.”

If your baby is being wrapped, Jane advises using cotton or muslin wraps in hotterweather.

“Consider using cotton or muslin wraps with a nappy and singlet underneath,” she says.

“On particularly warm days, no further bedding should be required.”

And if using a sleep bag, make sure baby is wearing the correct TOG for the room temperature.

“With sleep bags, your baby should only require a nappy underneath and no extra bedding,” Jane says.

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