Red Nose’s top six summer safety tips

Keep your baby safe in the summer months with our top tip​ summer safety tips.


Dress baby for the temperature: with overheating being a contributor to SIDS, it’s important to make sure your baby is not too hot while sleeping. If using a sleeping bag, make sure it has a low TOG rating

Keep baby hydrated: when the weather is hotter, your bub may need more to drink. If you are breastfeeding, feed baby more frequently.

Be aware of the heat when travelling: Temperatures inside cars can rise very quickly, especially if there is no window shade. Take breaks frequently and offer baby more to drink.

Don’t leave baby in the pram: Don’t leave your baby asleep in a pram, always make sure they are in a safe sleeping environment, even when travelling.

Be safe around water: Toddlers and infants can drown in even just a couple of inches of water. Always make sure young children are supervised by an adult.

Check your port-a-cot for rips and tears: When away from home and using a port-a-cot, make sure it is in excellent condition, with no rips or tears; and meets Australian standards. You should always use the mattress that comes with the portacot, and never add additional bedding or mattresses into the port-a-cot environment.

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