Keeping baby safer this summer

Keep your baby safe in the summer months with our top six​ summer safety tips.



As the summer heat approaches, it’s crucial to prioritise your baby’s safety. Here are our top six summer safety tips to help keep your little one protected and comfortable during the warmer months.

1. Dress Your Baby Appropriately:

To prevent overheating, dress your baby in weather-appropriate clothing, especially during sleep. Opt for lightweight, breathable bedding made from natural fibres like cotton, muslin, or bamboo. When using a sleeping bag, ensure it has a low TOG rating, fits well at the neckline and underarms, and is paired with suitable clothing. Regularly monitor your baby’s core temperature, adjusting layers as needed to prevent overheating.

2. Keep Your Baby Hydrated:

In hot weather, your baby may need extra hydration. Whether breastfeeding or formula feeding, be attentive to their cues for more frequent feeds, which may serve to rehydrate and quench their thirst. For infants under six months, rely on milk or formula for hydration, as water can fill their stomachs without providing nutritional value. Older children may benefit from more frequent water intake or snacking on water-rich fruits like watermelon, grapes, and oranges.

3. Be Mindful of Heat During Travel:

Be cautious of rising temperatures inside cars, especially without window shades. Car restraints, while essential for safety, can contribute to overheating. Be sure to take breaks from driving regularly, offering your baby additional drinks and monitor their core temperature. Adjust clothing when transitioning into the car and supervise your sleeping baby whenever possible. Upon reaching your destination, transfer your baby to a safe sleep space with a firm, flat surface.

4. Supervise Your Sleeping Baby in the Pram:

Never leave your baby unattended in the pram, especially for long periods. Although prams are handy for brief naps, they aren’t usually designed for extended sleep. If your baby is in an inclined sleep

position, be sure to supervise them closely. When you’re back home, transfer your baby to a flat, firm, and well-ventilated sleeping environment, like a cot, to ensure their safety.

5. Be Cautious of Pram Coverings:

Avoid covering the pram with a wrap, blanket, or plastic cover as it can hinder airflow, leading to a significant increase in temperature. A recent study in the Journal of Ergonomics revealed that covering a pram on a hot day in Australia can elevate the internal temperature by nearly four degrees Celsius. To mitigate the risk of overheating, consider scheduling outings earlier or later in the day when temperatures and UV exposure are lower. Keep to shaded areas, use umbrellas, or position the pram under a tree to keep your baby out of direct sunlight. Additionally, ensure good airflow and offer your baby a refreshing drink to help cool them down.

When venturing out with your little one in the pram, make it a habit to regularly check on them. Look for signs of heat stress, including:

- Listlessness or irritability

- Initially pale and clammy skin, later becoming hot and flushed

- Increased sweating in the early stages, transitioning to decreased sweating as heat stress progresses toward heatstroke.

If you suspect your baby is showing signs of dehydration, please seek medical attention. For further guidance on the prevention or management of dehydration contact Health Direct on 1800 022 222 (24 hr health support line) or click here for more information.

6. Check your Portacot for safety:

When you’re on the go and using a portable cot, make sure it’s in really good shape with no rips or tears. Check that it meets the Australian Standards AS/NZS 2195. Always use the mattress that comes with the portable cot. It’s just the right size and gives a nice, firm surface.

Avoid adding extra bedding or mattresses, like a towel or fluffy rug, because that might make your baby too warm and create a soft, unsafe space. Instead, use a fitted cot sheet made of natural fibres that’s the right size. This helps your baby stay comfy and keeps the surface nice and firm, helping to protect their airway.


By following these summer safety tips, you can create a secure and comfortable environment for your baby during the warmer months. Stay vigilant, be proactive in managing the heat, and enjoy the summer while keeping your baby safe and happy.