Thank you for keeping Madi safe

Your support helps parents like Melanie and Chad keep their baby safe.

By Melanie Rankin, mother to baby Madison


As first-time parents, Chad and I found ourselves in a world of the unknown when Madi was born.

We were advised by the hospital to be cautious of where we source our advice from, as there’s a lot of conflicting information out there these days.

And new research now suggests different and safer ways to look after baby than what was taught thirty years ago.

Thankfully, Red Nose’s expert advice is evidence-based and backed by the latest research.

I find the online Advice Hub easy to understand, with digestible pieces of relevant information to navigate through.

And whenever I feel overwhelmed or unsure about my specific situation, I reach out by email to Red Nose directly.

Red Nose are so lovely in their responses! I always get the sense that they genuinely care and they take the time to answer all my questions thoroughly.

They never make me feel silly or judged for asking questions - it’s a safe space to learn.

“Speaking with Red Nose helps me feel confident that I’ve understood the advice that will help keep Madi safe.”

There have even been occasions where I’ve shared Red Nose’s advice with my Mother’s Group when they’ve had similar questions.

Being a new parent is hard work! But it’s important to be kind to yourself and not be afraid to ask for advice – especially from expert sources like Red Nose.

Thank you so much for supporting Red Nose, and helping provide valuable advice to help keep babies like my Madi safe.

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