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Are you able to tell me which portacot mattresses meet AS/NZS 2195:2010. Specifically the 2010 version, not the 1999 version. I am finding it very difficult to find this information. I just want a safe and lightweight portacot that is not going to be a suffocation risk to my baby.

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Posted a response on 23/3/20

Red Nose Education

Red Nose recommends using a portacot that meets the Mandatory Australian Standards.
There is no specific standard for portacot mattresses - it is part of the overall standard.

The date included in the standards, usually refers to the date these standards were last reviewd.
If the requirements for the Standards were amended, then a new number would be applied.
This is my understanding of the dates.

It is very important that the mattress that comes with the portacot is used, & no other mattress or any soft/loose padding be added to the cot.

From Red Nose:
All portable cots sold in Australian stores must meet the mandatory Australian Standard AS/NZS 2195 for portable cots (portacot). When assembling a portable cot it is important to read the instructions carefully, the instructions are there to help keep baby safe from sleeping accidents.

Only use the firm, thin, well-fitting mattress that is supplied with the portable cot. Never add a second mattress or additional padding under or over the mattress, which has been specifically designed for the portacot, as baby may become trapped face down in gaps between the mattress and the sides.

Product Safety Australia provides information about portable cots & the relevant Standards.


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