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Hi, Im wondering what is the safest way to transition my toddler (2yo) from a sleeping bag to a pillow and sheets/blankets? He has always slept in a sleeping bag without a pillow or blankets but I think its time to move out of the sleeping bag. Our toddler moves quiet a bit in his sleep sometimes even from one end of the cot to the other. Thanks Caron

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Posted a response on 5/9/19

Red Nose Australia

Hi Caren,

Thank you for contacting Red Nose with your question .

Is your toddler attempting to or showing signs that they might be able to climb out of their cot? Red Nose recommends that when a child is attempting to climb out of their cot that they are transitioned from a cot to a bed. Usually this occurs around 2-3 years of ag (sometimes earlier and sometimes later). The main risks are that the child injures themselves falling from the cot. If a child manages to climb out whilst wearing a sleeping bag the chance of injury can increase.
If you are concerned about how much your child moves around during their sleep and the potential for blankets to end up over their face or head, you can tuck the lightweight blankets in firmly at the base of the mattress and sides or you may consider not even using a blanket and instead dressing your child in warmer clothing for bed dependent on the climate you live in.
Red Nose does not recommend the use of pillows for children under the age of 2 years. As your child is over 2 years of age this becomes a personal decision for your family. Red Nose does however recommend that pillows are not used in a cot. The main reason for children over the age of 2 is that the pillow can often be used as a step to climb out of the cot and or potentially reach hazardous items such as blind cords.
Red Nose has some informative articles and brochures on the steps you can take to transition your child from a cot to a bed and also whether or not pillow use is right for your child. Please see these links below for further information.




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