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We place our newborn on their back to sleep but then he rolls to his side. We are swaddling him with arms in. Is this okay? Do we need to bring arms out? He then wakes himself up with his hands however. He is 5 days old. Is it okay to side sleep at one week old if he moves himself into this position? He also get white close to the edge of the bassinet which is mesh. Thankyou

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Posted a response on 10/1/22

Red Nose Education

Most babies do not roll to tummy intentionally before 3 months; however, some babies do roll, especially to the side, at a very early age. This is not unusual.

Some babies do not respond well to wrapping/swaddling & prefer to have their arms free.         
Some babies like to touch their face or suck fingers when settling.
You could try settling him without any swaddle, or wrap with his arms out. (as for 3 mth old)

Are you using blankets?
He may be more settled in a cot rather than a bassinet.

Have you commenced tummy time yet when awake?

Always place baby on the back for sleep.

You are not expected to wake during the night to keep checking on him.
However, there is nothing wrong with rolling him back if you see him on his side.

Red Nose does not recommend the use of sleep positioners.
Red Nose does not recommend positional products such as anti-roll devices and items that fasten a baby into a sleeping position.
Products that restrict the movement of a baby or a baby’s head should not be used.

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