Behind the noses: James’ story

There are many dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters who together make the work of Red Nose possible. This is James’s story.


I first became involved in Red Nose Day in my Primary School days, proudly sporting a red nose on the playground - and today I manage Red Nose Day, helping people everywhere buy that iconic red nose. Previously, I had been working in a different industry but I knew I wanted to do something with a little more purpose.

Working on events and various community programs had been a passion of mine and my partner saw a role with Red Nose and suggested I apply.

I completed a 6-week internship during Red Nose Day in 2017 and loved the connection to supporters and families. I decided that I wanted to make a go of working in the charity sector.

Luckily, a Community Fundraising role opened up at Red Nose a few months later and I jumped at the opportunity!

I have been the Fundraising Campaigns Manager at Red Nose for the past 3 years, and I am passionate about coordinating our major fundraising and awareness campaigns throughout the year, including Red Nose Day!

One of the best things about my job is working with a range of different people from different backgrounds and in different departments, who all carry the same passion and dedication for helping people.

I draw a lot of inspiration from people who can listen and support others through tough times and not expect anything in return.

Through my role I help create campaigns that get seen by millions of people across the country, and develop ways for supporters and families to connect with our organisation, ensuring that there will always be support for families who rely on Red Nose services in their time of need.

Seeing the incredible difference our support services make, and the strength and resolve of the bereaved families connected to Red Nose - my reasons for working here are continually reaffirmed.

Our supporters and families, and the amazing work of our volunteers constantly inspire me.

From large corporate groups, to community events and individual fundraisers – the range of people willing to dig deep and contribute to support for families and vital research funding during Red Nose Day is so beautiful to witness.

It is such an honour to be able to provide an opportunity for our Red Nose community to have a means of giving back, and expressing their gratitude for what we do.

This year is the 35th annual Red Nose Day, and I am excited to connect with supporters across Australia again this August, and witness the incredible power of a community all working to support grieving families and find the next breakthrough in research that will stop babies dying suddenly and unexpectedly.

My partner and I have recently welcomed a baby girl into the world, so this years Red Nose Day takes on a different meaning, and motivates me even more to make sure Red Nose can continue to support the thousands of Australian families that rely on our services.

When I am not working at Red Nose you’ll either find me relaxing with my family, watching movies or eating too much Italian food.

Your donations help us provide 24/7 support to grieving families. Sponsor me this Red Nose Day or sign up and create your own fundraiser.