Naomi and Amy’s story - We had people in our lives remain distant

Naomi and Amy are the proud parents of Jesse Peter. Naomi is a body positive personal trainer, her partner Amy, works in administration support.


After a miscarriage at 7 weeks in January 2021, Jesse was meant to our rainbow baby. Unfortunately, Jesse was born in July 2021 due to a placental abruption at 15 and 2 weeks.

We believe that no matter the gestation, all losses deserve recognition. Reaching out and establishing connection has been so important to help with our healing process. We have reached out and have had counselling with Red Nose, attended Open House at Todd Fremantle House and also placed a plaque for Jesse at the Mt Gravatt memorial garden.

For the first few days after we lost Jesse, our whole world was silent. But as we started talking about him and our story more, breaking the silence slowly made the days easier to bare. We had people in our lives remain distant thinking that silence was the right way to help us heal.

Those who are friends with parents who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If your friend named their baby, make sure you use their name. Be there for there for them. Don’t be the friend who is afraid of upsetting them by saying their babies name. They’re already upset and not acknowledging their babies leads to further isolation.

To families experiencing similar losses, don’t be afraid to break the silence and speak your truth. Remember to lean on your partner, family or friends, don’t be scared to tell the same story over and over about your baby and don’t be afraid to share how you truly feel, all of your feelings are valid.

Speaking about pregnancy and infant loss is important to us because our babies deserve to be spoken about and remembered by us and our family and friends. Their lives, no matter how short, had a major impact on a lot of people.

Our 24/7 support line can be reached on 1300 308 307 or visit our support library