Red Nose and Sands to join forces

A woman being supported by a counsellor

Recently the boards of Red Nose and peer support organisation Sands resolved to bring our two organisations together.

This means that from 1 April 2020, Sands will become part of Red Nose. The new organisation will continue to be called Red Nose, but the peer-to-peer support services will be delivered under the Sands brand.

Red Nose and Sands have for some time been exploring the idea of joining forces to create a single organisation that will deliver high quality bereavement care and work towards preventing pregnancy, infant and child loss.

Both Sands and Red Nose were founded by bereaved parents who wanted to make sure families received support following the death of a baby.

We share a long history, similar values, and a shared vision for the future – to provide parents with the best possible bereavement support services, and research and education to prevent babies and children from dying suddenly and unexpectedly.

The Sands model of care is grounded in peer support, which will complement our professional counselling services. Coming together as a single organisation will also simplify the process of seeking support and ensure families receive the right help on their grief journey.

As a joint organisation, we will have an even greater capacity to provide high quality bereavement support services and to invest more of our community funding into programs to support Australian families.

Once the current administration activities are completed, we expect that our day to day operations will remain largely unchanged. Sands staff and volunteers will continue doing their important work. We will continue to run our local offices and support groups focused on the local community.

There will be a considered process to bring our existing services and teams together that will take place over the next twelve months. Our supporters will have the opportunity to be involved in this process – with community information sessions planned for the coming week. Visit our website for more information.

We are excited about the next chapter for Red Nose and are sincerely grateful for your continued support of bereaved families across Australia.