Funding game-changing SIDS research

By Lacey Fitzgerald, Prevention and Research Manager

Thanks to your support, we’ve launched a new research grant that could unlock the answers we desperately need to save more babies lives. Red Nose Prevention and Research Manager, Lacey Fitzgerald, shares with us the difference this research could make in the fight and prevention of SIDS.


While we do understand a lot about reducing the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), there is still no definitive way to prevent it.

But thanks to your support, new research could take us another step closer to preventing SIDS!

By funding research over the last 40 years you’ve already helped make amazing progress in reducing SIDS by over 80%.

But every year there are still many heartbroken Aussie families whose precious baby dies from SIDS, leaving them with the painful unanswered question of why.

By supporting our Research Accelerator Fund, you’ve helped fund a new $100,000 research grant to progress the development of a specific SIDS biomarker test.

Important new research like this will help find those last pieces of the puzzle needed to prevent SIDS once and for all.

Grant submissions for this exciting new research round have now closed and the successful recipient will be announced soon.

Thanks to your support, the ultimate goal in the fight and prevention of SIDS deaths is now within reach.

Exciting research breakthroughs don’t happen often, but with your help, we could now be on the brink of the next one.

“This research will help families come to some form of understanding as to why their precious babies died. It’s a game-changer.” – Keren Ludski, Red Nose CEO

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