Introducing Footprints a new volunteer program to help save little lives

We are committed to taking steps to save little lives and to increase the support available to bereaved parents when they experience the loss of a pregnancy, baby or child.


Footprints will represent our ongoing commitment to take steps to save little lives. Our vision is that volunteers across Australia will establish and build meaningful connections with every birthing hospital and shared care GP in Australia. These volunteers will ensure these professionals have the latest information on safe sleep, safer pregnancy programs and knowledge on where to refer for good bereavement care.

We would be honoured for you to help us take these important steps to save little lives through the Footprints program. Volunteers will choose the amount of time they spend helping out, and even just 10 hours a year can help save little lives and support bereaved families.

To learn more, sign up for one of our upcoming general volunteer information sessions. We will discuss the Footprints program and other volunteering opportunities with us during this session. Register below:

Program launch schedule

July - August 2022, QLD and WA

August - September 2022, VIC

November 2022, SA

Thank you for considering being a part of the Footprints journey through us.

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