Swim for Red Nose - In loving memory of Dylan

​Chloe is currently studying for year 12, is a swimmer and dedicated younger sister. To help raise funds for Red Nose, through the month of April 2023 she has been swimming to hit her target of 45km. Read her story!

Sophie - Swimming to raise funds for Red Nose

​We sat down with Chloe to talk to her about why she is passionate about supporting Red Nose and what she is doing to raise funds to help save little lives and support grieving families. ​​

Can you tell us, in your words, about your experience that brought you to support Red Nose?

A year before I was born, my brother was born sleeping.

This had a huge impact on my parents the year that this had happened. Dylan is a very big part of our family and we celebrate every milestone that Dylan would have succeeded in.

What was the inspiration for your event?

As part of my Year 12 AIF, I based my project around stillbirth and children who are born sleeping. I had an idea as the practical component of my project to do a swimming fundraiser to raise money for Red Nose as they help many families who went through the same situation as my parents and families that are affected.

Tell us about your event?

Over the month of April, I will be swimming 45km, not all in one day, over the whole month. I will be taking photos of my progress and will be uploading it on my page that Red Nose created for me so that my family and friends can look at how I am going throughout the month.

If you could share anything with others, what would it be?

My message is to keep babies that have been born sleeping present throughout their families and friends’ life’s. It’s not a taboo subject, we should all be celebrating and remembering all children that have been conceived and who don’t take a breath on this earth.

Thank you so much Chloe.

To see Chloe’s progress and donate visit her fundraising page here.

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